Alexander Zverev proposed to me: Olga Sharypova

Alexander Zverev's former girlfriend Olga Sharypova claims that the tennis star had proposed to her after subjecting her to domestic abuse

Alexander Zverev with ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova / File Photo

Alexander Zverev’s former girlfriend Olga Sharypova revealed that the German tennis star had proposed to her in an attempt to win her back.

Last year, Sharypova had accused Zverev of domestic abuse and said that she attempted suicide during their turbulent relationship.

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In a follow-up interview with tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg, the former Russian tennis player asserts that she’d attempted suicide twice and that Zverev had tried to win her back and even proposed to her late in 2019.

Sharypova said that she had tried to end her life during the 2019 Laver Cup by taking a shot of insulin. Zverev’s anger once again flared up during the 2019 Shanghai Masters and following another episode of physical abuse she once again attempted suicide.

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Following the insulin shot, her blood-sugar level dropped down considerably and Zverev fed her a packet of sugar to get it back up.

Sharypova said she went to take a shower, during which Zverev continued berating her from outside the bathroom door.

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“When I got out of the shower, I was starting to take a towel and he came and said, ‘Pack your stuff right now and leave,’ ” Sharypova was quoted saying.

“I’m just like, ‘OK, can you wait a few minutes please?” She said he punched her after that, grabbed her throat and held her up against the tiled bathroom wall.

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“He started to say to me these things: ‘I hope you will die, you should have died yesterday, but not in my room. If you want to die, you can take insulin and go die in the street because I don’t want problems. I don’t want to deal with you anymore,’ ” she said.

Sharypova packed her bags and fled the room after Zverev had left. The Russian claimed that Zverev had tried to get back with her again and kept texting her for two months.

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But during the Paris Masters, which were only three weeks after the Shanghai event, Brenda Patea, the woman who gave birth to Zverev’s child in March this year, was already in his player box.

Sharypova said that Zverev emphatically denied having a relationship with Patea.

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Late in 2019, during the tour of Latin America with Roger Federer, Zverev allegedly got down on one knee and proposed to Sharypova on FaceTime.

“I have a proposal by FaceTime,” Sharypova said, laughing. “If some girl says she has the worst proposal in her life? Darling, no. I have a story for you.”

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Zverev had reportedly been in a relationship for almost a year with Patea before they broke up in August 2020. In October last year, Patea announced that she was pregnant with the tennis star’s baby but did not want to share the child’s custody with Zverev.

Zverev, 24, has denied all of Sharypova’s allegations and according to, refused to comment on the latest revelations as well.