Roger Federer Backhand Slow Motion – Best One Handed Backhand in Tennis?


Roger Federer Backhand Slow Motion – ATP Tennis One Handed Backhand Technique.

Roger Federer backhand technique is one of the most recognisable on the ATP Tour due to its smooth fluid motion and efficient biomechanics.

Does Federer have the best one handed backhand in the world?

Federer backhand topspin is generated with a fast racquet head and he often hits winners even when pulled outside of the court. He has great stability and balance throughout the shot and has great arm separation opening up his chest during the hit phase.

Tennis one handed backhand technique is not easy to master and requires many hours or tennis practice / tennis training but the results are worth it. The one handed backhand in tennis is a shot displaying confidence, freedom and versatility, when hit well it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Federer has taken time out for the duration of the clay court season to undergo a knee surgery. Fans around the world will no doubt be hoping for a quick recovery to he can get back to hitting his iconic backhands again.