Why Sam Stosur revealed her secret to the world

New mom Stosur tells why she went public about her relationship with Liz Astling

2011 US Open champion Sam Stosur

Australian tennis star Sam Stosur is currently basking in the new glow of parenthood. And in an interview with Channel Nine, the 2011 US Open champion revealed the moment she decided to go public about her relationship with Liz Astling.

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“There’s been moments throughout my life and my career where I’ve thought about putting it out there to the world. Being a bit more open about my private life. On the whole, I’m not like that anyway,” Stosur told doubles legend Todd Woodbridge during the interview on Sunday.

“The world only knows me because I’m a tennis player, so I kind of figured I’ll let my tennis do the talking. A lot of discussions with my coaches, sports psychologists, talking with Liz, it’s certainly come up to put it out there in the past but for whatever reason I was never ready to do that.”

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Thank you @tennisaustralia for the Spirit of tennis award tonight at #newks2019. It was a massive surprise to receive this and I was honestly speechless. I wish I could go back and quickly compose myself to be able to say a proper THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me have the career I’ve had. David said some really lovely words and it was so fitting to be able to receive this from him. He is a great friend of mine, was my coach for many years and he helped me achieve the greatest moments in my career. Thank you Dave for having the belief in me and for all the sacrifices you made to be away and make me a better player and also a big part of the person I am today. Nick Watkins, Craig Morris and Josh Eagle were also very influential and important throughout different stages of my career and I thank them for all they have given me along the way. Id also like to mention the current amazing people I have around me for their continued support- Melanie Omizzolo (you’ve been there for many years Mel, there’s no better physio and you’ve been a friend for many years), Matthew Coridas and Rennae Stubbs for keeping me fit, healthy, on track and sharing in the good times and also the tougher times – I couldn’t do this without you. To my Mum, Dad, Daniel and Dom and my partner Liz, you have given me the love, support and every opportunity to pursue my dream and I’ll be forever grateful. Many thanks also to all those I haven’t mentioned but have been a big part of my longevity and success. I’m truly humbled to receive this award ☺️

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Even though Stosur’s near and dear ones knew about Astling, the 36-year-old decided to tell the world about it in December last year, the night she won the Tennis Australia Spirit of Tennis Award at the annual John Newcombe Medal event.

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“I remember walking to the car park afterwards and something just didn’t feel right. I’d thanked all these people, who were obviously very important to me, but not my partner. And she is a huge part of what I’ve been able to do, who I am now and that just didn’t sit well with me,” said Stosur, a former world no 4 in singles.

“And I thought, you know what b**ger this, I want to thank her and I want to do this and that’s why I put it on Instagram. I’ve got older, more matured. You kind of reflect more. And I thought, well you know what this is who I am.”

There was an outpouring of love and well wishes when Stosur announced on social media that her partner Astling had given birth to their baby daughter Genevieve on June 16.

Life in lockdown though has allowed her to enjoy this new phase, with all its challenges, with her partner.

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“There’s been some bonuses of being at home. To be home in the lead up, to do the birthing classes with Liz, rather than on the phone. Do all the shopping!” the Australian added.

“But certainly also some tricky times. Obviously we are not living the way to live at the moment, you can’t see anyone now. The fact that I’ve not missed any events, and be able to be here and enjoy every single aspect of it without that worry and stress with my tennis has been also incredible. It’s been an enjoyable time.”