No Christmas break for Dominic Thiem

US Open champion Dominic Thiem will be working hard during Christmas as well

Hungry for more success, US Open champion Dominic Thiem won't be stopping for a Christmas break

Dominic Thiem is driving hard towards his goal of winning his second Grand Slam and scaling No 1 in the world rankings. So much so, that he will be working even on Christmas.

“Taking a break during the holidays? No way! On December 25 and 26 I will continue working on my physical fitness, after New Year’s Eve I will play tennis more intensively,” the Austrian wrote on the latest post on his website.

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“On January 13 I will fly to Melbourne, and during quarantine with strict regulations I will start the fine-tuning.”

Thiem won his first major this year as he claimed the 2020 US Open title. Having had the taste of success, the 27-year-old is eyeing more silverware in the coming years.

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“We look back at an odd year, Corona caused global chaos, however, looking at it form an athlete’s point of view 2020 was an excellent year for me. I started the season by reaching the final at the Australian Open, I finished the year by reaching the final at the Masters in London.

“But winning the title at the US Open in mid-September was the ultimate highlight. In New York I made a childhood dream come true, winning my first Grand Slam title – indescribable moments! There is one thing for sure: the nicest Christmas present for me is the US Open trophy.

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“By the way trophy. I have had my ‘silver treasure’ for only a few days in my living room – three months after winning the final against Alexander Zverev the trophy finally arrived in Austria.

“The famous jeweller Tiffany on 5th Avenue in Manhattan made a perfect copy of the trophy, it was handed over to me by a special security service in Lichtenwoerth. What a show!

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“I love this trophy, that’s why I call my goal for 2021: I want to win another Grand Slam title, that’s my number one priority. To become the number one is also on top of my bucket list. However, winning another Major tournament almost means more to me in my personal ranking.”

Thiem is currently ranked No 3 in the world, behind top-ranked Novak Djokovic and 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal. And when the delayed Australian Open starts on February 8, the Austrian will once again be one of the contenders for the title.

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