Rafael Nadal Forehand Slow Motion


Rafael Nadal Forehand Slow Motion – best forehand in tennis?

Rafael Nadal Tennis Forehand is one of the deadliest on tour and he is able to generate incredible topspin and power.

Nadal Forehand topspin is particularly difficult to deal with because he is left handed so creates a slightly different rotation on the ball compared to right handed players. Rafa also gets a high arch trajectory over the net meaning that the bounce is even higher on the opponents side and he is not taking any unnecessary risks.

Nadal Forehand power is also high as he releases his racquet through contact and generates a very fast racquet head speed. Rafael Nadal Forehand technique is very unique as he often uses the buggy whip forehand which is mainly due to Rafael Nadal Forehand grip as he holds the racquet with a western grip.

Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2020 campaign is underway as he is looking to equal Roger Federer’s grand slam record.

Which forehand would you rather have Federer’s or Nadal’s and why? 

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRr-tSOYIe8″]