Tomic’s girlfriend getting death threats over ‘hair joke’

Bernard Tomic's girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra, said she is getting death threats over some of the comments she made in a vlog

Bernard Tomic's girlfriend Vanessa Sierra claims she has been receiving death threats

Even as players are getting increasingly antsy in the lockdown in Melbourne, ahead of the Australian Open, they are using the social media to air their grievances. Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra, claimed that she has been getting death threats for some of the comments she made in a vlog from the hotel room.

Australia’s Tomic is one of the players forced into hard 14-day quarantine in Melbourne as he returned from the qualifying event in Doha on one of the flights that saw a positive virus test.

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His girlfriend Sierra seems to have ticked off a lot of people for coming up with her own set of complaints.

Tomic and Sierra apparently ordered from UberEats because the hotel “food is s**t.” She also complained that there was no fresh air in the room, no one had cleaned their room or provided them with clean sheets, and that they had to wash the dishes themselves in the basin in the bathroom.

“This is the worst part of quarantine: I don’t wash my own hair,” she further said. “I’ve never washed my own hair. It’s just not something that I do. I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me, so this is the situation that we’re dealing with.”

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That comment, more than anything, has upset a lot of people. Including tennis’ resident bad boy Nick Kyrios. The Australian has refused to travel to tournaments during the pandemic and tweeted on Monday: “I don’t mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes.”

Sierra, who appeared in a video with Tomic for an adult website in December last year, has defended herself and claimed that she is getting death threats because of her comments, which have been taken out of context.

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“I’m getting so many death threats over my hair joke,” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday morning.

“If people actually WATCHED my vlog instead of going off a news story with incorrect facts they would see I was lighthearted about the entire thing and did not make any complaints. [I] simply did a daily vlog as I always do about my life and circumstances. I Didn’t realise how many idiots there are in this world.

“Love how the ones hating on me about a comment in a vlog which was taken out of context by channel 7, are completely unaware I gave away TENS of thousands of dollars to help people who were in need during COVID at Christmas.

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“You guys are the true definitions of class clowns on a witch hunt and if I want to laugh about how bad my hair is in quarantine then I apologetically will. Have a cry.”

Meanwhile, former junior Grand Slam champion Tomic will be playing his home Slam after two years. Currently ranked No 228 in the world, he came through three tough rounds of qualifying to make it to the main draw.

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