Federer management firm Team8 parts ways with Zverev

Roger Federer's management firm Team8 and Alexander Zverev have decided to part ways

Alexander Zverev has been put on probation; won't incur any more immediate penalties

Team8, the athlete management firm in which Roger Federer has a stake, has parted ways with German star Alexander Zverev amid off-court controversies.

Even as the 23-year-old had a few gainful months on the court, as he reached the US Open finals and defeated Rafael Nadal en route a final at the Paris Masters, he has struggled on the personal front.

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Late in October, Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova accussed him of domestic violence. A day after one of his former girlfriends, Brenda Patea, announced that she was pregnant with his child, Sharypova alleged that Zverev had physically abused her during their relationship.

The German has denied the allegations repeatedly, saying they were ‘unfounded.’

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In December, Zverev settled another ugly split with his former manager Patricio Apey and his management firm, ACE Group. The parties agreed to an out-of-court settlement that brought an end to an over two-year legal ordeal.

Zverev was dealt another blow earlier in the month as his coach David Ferrer, a former French Open finalist, ended the partnership after only six months for personal reasons. The Spaniard did not want to stay away from his family for so long, especially during the pandemic.

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Announcing his split from Team8, Zverev said, “What a year 2020 has been, for the whole world and for myself.

“I have spent a lot of time thinking about my short and long term strategies going forward,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

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“For this reason and because of the ongoing worldwide restrictions, I have decided to go back to the roots and have my family help me with my coaching, as well as Mischa and Sergei Bubka with my management.”

Zverev is currently in Melbourne, preparing for the Australian Open. He is currently ranked No 7 in the world.