Djokovic’s coach Ivanisevic also tests positive for Covid-19

The former Wimbledon champion joined the list of people connected with the Adria Tour to test positive for Coronavirus

Goran Ivanisevic

Former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic joined the list of people connected with the Adria Tour to test positive for Coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, after two negative tests in the last 10 days, I have just found out that I tested positive for Covid-19,” the Croat revealed on his Instagram page on Friday.

Goran Ivanisevic (right) joined Novak Djokovic’s coaching team in June, 2019

Ivanisevic, who joined Djokovic’s coaching team last year, was the tournament director of the second leg of the Adria Tour in Zadar, Croatia.

After a weekend of tennis celebration in Belgrade, the Adria Tour, meant to be a charity exhibition event held across four Balkan cities, began unraveling as Grigor Dimitrov, one of the players competing at the event, announced that he had tested positive for the virus minutes ahead of the Zadar final.

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Since then Borna Coric, Djokovic’s fitness trainer Marko Panichi, Dimitrov’s coach Kristijan Groh, Viktor Troicki and his wife, and Djokovic and his wife have tested positive.

“I feel good and don’t have any symptoms. I would like to inform everyone who has been in contact with me that I tested positive and ask them to take extra good care of themselves and their loved ones. I will continue to self-isolate as I have been doing already. I wish everyone who got infected a speedy recovery,” Ivanisevic continued on his post.

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The 2001 Wimbledon champion had come out in defence of Djokovic, as the Serb was criticized widely for oragnising the tournament that did not follow any social distancing norms.

Worryingly, the players also indulged in exhibition basketball and football matches, and were spotted partying at a night club.

On Thursday, Dominic Thiem, winner of the first leg of the Adria Tour in Belgrade, had said that he was shocked at the positive virus tests at the tournament and had got himself tested five times already.

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“We played without an audience for weeks, so we have been more than happy about the fans at the event,” Thiem said.

“We trusted the Serbian government’s corona rules, but we have been too optimistic. Our behaviour was a mistake, we acted too euphorically. I am extremely sorry.”