Rafa Nadal: The dominator

According to an ATP study, the Spaniard won the highest percentage of points when he claimed victory

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Nobody dominates quite like Rafael Nadal.

According to the ATP Infosys Insights study, which looked at all Tour and Grand Slam matches from 1991 to 2020, Nadal created the most separation over their defeated opponent. The Spaniard had the highest percentage of points (56.4% by winning 79,529/140,987 points) when he claimed victory.

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“Thirteen million tennis points can be boiled down to one core principle: Just 10 points from every 100 are the difference-makers between winning and losing,” the official ATP website stated.

Highest Percentage Points Won When Winning The Match (minimum 50 matches won)

# Player Matches Won Points Won %
1 Rafael Nadal 961 56.41%
2 Anders Jarryd 78 56.35%
3 Novak Djokovic 877 56.10%
4 Roger Federer 1195 55.93%
5 Andre Agassi 651 55.81%


Not surprisingly, 12-time French Open champion Nadal inflicts the most pain on clay. He is the without a doubt the best player ever on the red dirt, with an incredible 118-2 win-loss record in best-of-five matches and a 318-37 in best-of-three.

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The 34-year-old has had his most convincing wins in Barcelona, claiming 11 titles, 61 match wins and more than 58% of the points won.

Having made his debut in 2003, he picked up his first title in 2005 and holds a 42-match winning streak at the clay-court event.

Nadal Points Won Percentage When Winning Matches (Minimum 30 matches won)

# Player Matches Won Points Won %
1 Barcelona 61 58.18%
2 Monte Carlo 71 57.97%
3 Roland Garros 93 57.89%
4 Rome 61 56.60%
5 Miami 40 56.56%


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