Roger Federer not expected to be back by Wimbledon

Roger Federer does not expect to be back by Wimbledon next year but not retirement on the cards yet

Roger Federer does not expect to be back by Wimbledon next year

Roger Federer does not expect to return from his latest knee surgery in time for Wimbledon next June.

“The truth is that I’d be incredibly surprised to play Wimbledon,” the 40-year-old Federer told the Tribune de Geneve daily.

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Wimbledon starts June 27, and Federer has not played on tour since a straight-set loss at this year’s Wimbledon in the quarterfinals in July. Within weeks he underwent his third knee surgery in 18 months.

He is set to miss the 2022 Australian Open.

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“We knew before the operation that this type would require a months-long break,” Federer said. “The doctors say that I will be able to jog lightly in January and gradually return to the court. Gently.

“They don’t know, but I’ve already been playing a bit of tennis with the kids. Then in March or April, I can start training again in a tennis-like way.

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“I had this operation done so that I could ski with my children or play football or tennis in the future.

“My primary motivation was to get back in shape for my normal life. But I wanted to approach this rehabilitation with the mentality and body of a top athlete.”

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Federer said that as far as his sporting amibitions go, he would like to get back on the tennis court and say goodbye to the sport on his own terms.

“It would be easy for me to say, ‘I’ve given a lot and received a lot. Let’s stop here.’ But me investing everything to come back is also my way of saying thank you.

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“My fans deserve better than the image of my last grass season.

“What kind of image will people remember of me? My last set at Wimbledon last July? Or my Grand Slam titles and what it triggered in them when they watched me play? My money is on the latter. For a few years now, I’ve been pretty relaxed about that.”

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