I can’t accept a life without tennis: Juan Martin del Potro

Retired star Juan Martin del Potro said he was struggling to accept a life without tennis

Juan Martin del Potro said he was struggling to accept a life without tennis

Juan Martin del Potro has admitted that he has struggled to accept life without tennis after retiring earlier this year due to recurring knee trouble.

The former US Open champion retired from tennis in February.

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“I can’t psychologically accept a life without tennis,” the 34-year-old told reporters in Argentina.

“I was number three in the world, then suddenly I broke my knees and here I am, with nothing.”

In 2009, he defeated Roger Federer in the US Open final to claim his first and only major.

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But the Argentine’s career has been setback with multiple injuries and surgeries. He has undergone mutliple procedures on his wrist and four surgeries on his knee.

“I recently went to Switzerland to see another doctor,” he added.

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“I started another treatment, it was recommended by many tennis players and so far I have not even had a positive result.

“Imagine what it’s like after every treatment attempt or surgery, the frustration I can feel when things don’t work out.

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Del Potro scripted a career resurgence in 2018, as he reached another US Open final. But he was once again halted by injury.

“As usual I delude myself, I hope, I have faith in every new treatment I try and, when this fails, the blow is hard,” he added.

“And for three and a half years, despite several surgeries and treatments, it always happened.”

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Returning to tennis is a far cry for Del Potro, who admitted that he is struggling with knee issues even in everyday life.

“Today I can only walk, I do not run on the treadmill, I cannot climb the stairs without pain,” he said.

“I can’t drive for a long time without stopping to stretch my legs.

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“This is my reality, which is hard, it is sad, but I always try to improve my situation and my new challenge is also to live in the best possible way, even psychologically, despite my problem.”

The Argentine is talking to other athletes and trying to cope with life after retirement.