Nick Kyrgios has a run-in with authorities again

Nick Kyrgios has a run-in with the authorities yet again as he flouts Wimbledon's all-white clothing rule

Nick Kyrgios is set to play in Tokyo as his court hearing in Australia starts this week

Nick Kyrgios had a run-in with the authorities again as he broke the Wimbledon all-white clothing rule after the Round of 16 clash on Monday.

The 27-year-old Australian was exceptionally well-behaved on court during his Round of 16 clash against Brandon Nakashima, which he won 4-6, 6-4, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2.

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Playing on Centre Court, Kyrgios wore all-white during the match but after his five-set win changed back into red trainers and a red cap while doing his on-court interview.

The Australian has already picked up two fines so far at the tournament and could face another after ignoring the all-white clothing rule.

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Asked afterwards why he had deliberately broken the rule stating that players must wear all white on court, the Australian offered a curt response.

“Because I do what I want,” said Kyrgios.

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Asked if he felt above the rules he added: “No, I’m not above the rules. I just like wearing my Jordans. That’s okay. I’ll wear some Triple Whites tomorrow.”

Kyrgios has reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon for the first time since his debut in 2014.

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He has already been fined a total of $14,000 for two offences — spitting towards a fan after his first-round win and then for swearing in a fiery third-round clash with Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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