Tennis trivia: Did you know these rules?

Want to know if you can whiff the ball while serving? Read on...

John McEnroe

Here are ten unusual  rules you may have not known about:

  • A player may strike the ball twice as long as it is done in a single continuous motion.
  • According to the rules, if a player catches the ball before it has bounced he/she automatically loses the point. Even if the ball was heading out. Benefit of doubt applies; the ball is in until it touches the ground or makes contact with a wall.

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  • A player is not allowed to ‘whiff’ the ball when serving. Which means, if you swing and miss after the ball toss it’s considered a fault. A player is allowed to re-do the toss before the serve, provided the player has not swung the racquet.
  • A player loses the point if he/she (or racquet whether in the player’s hand or not), or anything which the player is wearing (or carrying) touches the net, net posts, cord or metal cable at any time while the ball is in play.
Roger Federer
  • You are not allowed to cross over the net and hit from the opponent’s side of the court. The only exception is, if the ball has bounced on your side of the court and goes over the net (maybe due to back spin)
  • You can cross over the plane of the net, into the opponents’ side, on a follow through
  • In an officiated match, if a hat, glasses, or another ball falls on the court, the point will be replayed. If an item from the same player falls again, you stand to lose a point.

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  • A player cannot throw his/her racquet to hit the ball.
  • You are allowed to hit around the net, but not through it.
  • In doubles, if both players touch the ball when returning it they lose the point.