Stefanos Tsitsipas: Make on-court coaching legal

Stefanos Tsitsipas believes on-court coaching should be allowed in tennis if the sport has to 'modernize'

Stefanos Tsitsipas suffers shock defeat at US Open

Stefanos Tsitsipas has once again opened up debate over whether on-court coaching should be allowed in tennis. While the WTA allows coaching once during sets in tour matches, it is not allowed at ATP events or Grand Slams.

“Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis,” Tsitsipas tweeted on Sunday.

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“The sport needs to embrace it. We’re probably one of the only global sports that doesn’t use coaching during the play. Make it legal. It’s about time the sport takes a big step forward.”

Tennis is one of the few sports that do not allow on-court coaching. It adds to the one-on-one battle when players are made to problem solve and think on their feet.

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“Why does tennis ban on-court coaching when every other sport allows it?” he added. “Tennis has to modernize, which is difficult because the traditionalists are very powerful and prevail.”

Tsitsipas is coached by father, Apostolos, and Patrick Mouratoglou.

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The 22-year-old has been fined for on-court coaching violations on multiple occasions, including at Wimbledon this year despite him losing in the first round.

One of the arguments against coaching is that not all players can afford to have or travel with coaches, thus making the contest even more favourable for more established players.

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“Everybody has a coach; it’s affordable at this level of the sport,” Tsitsipas believes.

“We’re talking about professional tennis (ATP & WTA Tour). I personally have never faced a player that didn’t have a coach at his disposal.”

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The Greek star made the final of the French Open this year but has been unable to maintain the form he struck during the claycourt season.