Daniil Medvedev silences Nick Kyrgios, ‘low IQ’ fans

Daniil Medvedev silenced maverick Nick Kyrgios and the hostile Melbourne fans

Daniil Medvedev silenced Nick Kyrgios and hostile fans

Daniil Medvedev silenced Nick Kyrgios and the hostile fans, whom he called ‘low IQ’, to progress to the third round of the Australian Open.

Medvedev, who is one of the title favourites, defeated Kyrgios 7-6(1), 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 in a box-office classic at Melbourne Park.

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Though Medvedev came under fire from the raucous Melbourne crowd he remained unflappable through the two hours 58 minute-match.

During his on-court interview with Jim Courier he took on the crowd, which continued to boo.

First asked how he enjoyed the match, Medvedev shrugged it off, saying: “I came to win this match and I am happy I managed to do it.”

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This is how the rest of the interview went:

Courier: I want to talk about the way that you managed your emotions. You sometimes show more emotions. You sometimes show more emotions than we saw tonight.

You were calm and focused. Was that part of your strategy coming out here and dealing with what Nick and the crowd can bring to a night like this?

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Medvedev: That is the only choice when you get booed between first and second serve. You have to stay calm and win the match.

Courier: I know. I know. I think they are saying “sieuuu” which is a soccer, football thing.

Medvedev: Sorry, I can’t hear you. Show some respect for Jim Courier. Thank you, guys. Let him speak please.

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If you respect somebody, at least respect Jim Courier.

Courier: What I think they have been saying is “sieuuu” which is a thing when Ronaldo scores a goal. So I think that is what is going on. I don’t think they are booing you. I hope I am right on that.

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Medvedev got the final word in by writing ‘siuuuu’ on the camera lens.

He added to Eurosport: “It’s just a little disappointing when they are making so much noise between 1st and 2nd serve, I guess some people just have a low I.Q.”

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Kyrgios also complained about fans making noise in-between and during serves throughout the match.

Medvedev will next face Botic van de Zandschulp, who advanced after Richard Gasquet retired with the scored reading 4-6, 6-4, 4-0.