Murray ‘mentally preparing’ for the US Open

Andy Murray is skeptical about the US Open happening, but has started planning and preparing for it

Andy Murray

Even though Andy Murray is apprehensive about travelling to New York during the Covid-19 pandemic, he has started preparing and planning for the US Open.

“Four or five weeks ago, we were pretty skeptical about it,” Murray said during a press conference on the sidelines of the Battle of the Brits.

“But mentally at some stage you need to start preparing and planning for that. If it wasn’t happening, my schedule for practising, my rehab, would all be a bit different. Mentally I’m planning for it to go ahead.”

Apprehensive about travel

It is understood that the USTA – organisers of the Grand Slam – will confirm in the next few days whether the US Open will take place or not. As of now, the American Slam, which will the first major to be played since the world went into lockdown, is scheduled to be played behind closed doors starting August 31.

But the players are anxious about the rise in Coronavirus cases in the country and uncertain over the quarantine rules.

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The USA has been hit the hardest by the pandemic, recording over 4 million cases and almost 150,000 deaths. It has reported over 50,000 cases daily during the last seven days.

“The issue for us is the travel, so we’ll probably be a bit apprehensive getting over there,” said Murray, who played his last competitive match at the Davis Cup Finals in November last year.

“Hopefully the US Open can go ahead, and it’s OK. But if not, I’m also OK with that. It’s not like I’m saying it must go ahead. So long as it’s safe for the players then we need to try to get back to competing when it’s safe to do so.”

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During the lockdown period, Murray has spoken up about running out of time and opportunities. With two hip surgeries behind him, the 33-year-old may not be in his prime but he is hoping to get back to top-level tennis as soon as possible given the circumstances.