Roger Federer “I don’t think I can do more than I did”

Roger Federer's muscles deteriorated considerably after the two knee surgeries

Twenty-time grand slam champion Roger Federer says he could not have “gone on the court and told people to stop” after being criticized for not doing enough for lower-ranked players.

Federer along with Nadal was criticized by a few lower ranked pros who felt they didn’t care enough about the issue of air quality during the qualifying event.

But Federer has hit back and said

“I don’t think I can do more than I did.”

“We all care for one another. I told them communication is key for all of us, for everybody.

“We just need to do more because I feel like I hadn’t got enough information.”

Federer said a lot of players were left confused on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“So what can I do? I can go to the office, speak to them. I went to them the first day when it was bad on Tuesday, the next day on Wednesday when it was still bad,” he added.

“Can I go on court and say everybody stop play? I can try. I don’t think that’s going to do much.”

What do you think of the Aussie Open drama?

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