Denis Shapovalov – ATP Cup and Davis Cup Should Be One Event

Denis Shapovalov

With the ATP Cup well underway in Australia and the Davis Cup having taken place less than two months ago in November, it seems strange to many tennis fans as to why we now have two team events in such close proximity to one another, especially since we’ll now have to wait until November 2020 for the next round of team events to take place. Canadian Denis Shapovalov says that the ATP Cup and Davis Cup Finals should be merged to create one mega Championship event for Nations in tennis. According to Reuters, Shapovalov says,

“It would be great just to have one event that is a world championship

A month ago we played the world championship and now it feels like we are playing another one. It would be great if they could organize and make one big event, make it a unique and special tournament. Hopefully, they can come to terms together and make something happen.”
I think the timing is interesting. I think it is a little bit strange to have it at a similar time as Davis Cup. It is a weird feeling playing a world championships then coming into another event that is pretty much the same thing. We will see how it pans out.”

Do you agree with Denis or do you like the new format for both events?

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