Marcelo Melo questions Novak Djokovic behavior

Marcelo Melo questioned Novak Djokovic's behaviour after the Serb directly hit a smash into his back

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Marcelo Melo was disappointed by Novak Djokovic’s behavior during their mixed doubles encounter at the Tokyo Olympics.

Djokovic and Nina Stojanovic beat Brazil’s Marcelo Melo and Luisa Stefani 6-3, 6-4 on Wednesday to move into the quarterfinals.

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During the second set, Djokovic hit a smash straight into Melo’s back and was seen celebrating points emphatically.

“Novak surprised me but on a negative way. There was no need for that,” Melo, a doubles specialist, said after the match.

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“Two days ago he filmed himself speaking about Brazil and Brazilians, our energy, and now he is behaving this way.

“He had a smash directly in my back which he didn’t have to play that way. But OK, this is tennis and everybody is trying to play it the way he wants. Me? Personally, would never play that way.

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“In one moment he almost hit Luisa. Of course, thees are Olympic Games, everything is happening on the court, he does what he does during points, but he should have some limits. Some would wonder.”

The Serb was surprised at Melo’s criticism.

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“Melo said I was provoking him? Seriously? I really don’t have nothing to say about that,” Djokovic said, as quoted on Sport Klub.

He has also made the quarterfinals of the men’s singles competition and will take on Kei Nishikori on Thursday. Djokovic is bidding to capture a Golden Grand Slam (four majors and the Olympic gold) this season.

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