Roger Federer retires from tennis

Roger Federer has decided to retire from tennis after the Laver Cup

Roger Federer has decided to retire from tennis

Roger Federer, on Thursday, confirmed that he is retiring from tennis.

In a message on social media, the 20-time Grand Slam champion revealed that the Laver Cup will be his last tournament.

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“The Laver Cup next week in London will be my final ATP event,” Federer wrote.

“I will play more tennis in the future of course, but just not in Grand Slams or on the tour.”

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The Swiss had secured his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon 2003.

As fate would have it, Wimbledon, proved to be his last major as well when Federer played at the AELTC last year and reached the quarterfinals.

But the 41-year-old had to undergo another knee surgery after that.

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“As many of you know the past three years have presented me with challenges in form of injuries and surgeries,” he added.

“I have worked hard to return to full competitive form. But I also know my body’s capacities and limits, and its message to me lately has been clear.

“I am 41 years old. I have played more than 1500 matches over 24 years.

“Tennis has treated me more generiously that I ever would have dreamt, and now I must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career.”

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The Laver Cup will take place in London from September 23 to September 25.