Davis Cup TD Verdasco tells players ‘get used to it’

Davis Cup Finals tournament director Fernando Verdasco said players didn't have a choice and they should just start getting used to changes in Cup format

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2021 Davis Cup Finals tournament director Fernando Verdasco has said that players just had to get used to the changes in the Cup format as there was ‘no other choice.’

In 2018, Barcelona football star Gerard Pique’s company Kosmos tennis entered a deal with Davis Cup, changing the structure and format of men’s premier team competition.

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“Many people are used to the old tradition and that is why they do not approve of this new format,” Verdasco said.

“Alexander Zverev, for example, is one of those who has said that he dreamed of winning the Davis Cup for a lifetime, but things evolve, just as there was no Hawkeye before and now there is.

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“We will all have to get used to it, there is no other choice.”

Zverev refused to play for Germany ever since Davis Cup scrapped the home and away format and decided on staging a week-long ‘Finals’.

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The 121-year-old team event is reportedly set to move to Abu Dhabi on a five-year deal starting from 2022, with confirmation expected this week.

The news report hasn’t gone down well with current and former players. Australia’s Lleyton Hewitt and Todd Woodbridge were particularly scathing in their criticism over Davis Cup’s proposed move to Abu Dhabi.

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“They are countries that are betting a lot on sports, be it football, tennis or Formula 1,” added Verdasco.

“I honestly do not think that everything should be held in places with tradition, all countries have the right to have competitions such as the Davis Cup, a World Cup or a big prize.

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“I know that there have been many comments that it will be in Abu Dhabi, although it is not official yet.

“What is a reality is that it will go from being a competition of 16 teams and not 18. And instead of groups of three, they will be groups of four.

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“Now it remains to be seen how many host venues there will be, apart from where the final phase is played. I like these changes.”