John McEnroe “Djokovic Will Finish With The Most Slams”


Seven-time grand slam champion John McEnroe believes that Novak Djokovic will finish his career with the most grand slams and beat Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to the major’s throne

I would have to go with Novak Djokovic

“At the end of the year, it is easy to pick Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal to have the most Majors, but on the long-term run, I would have to go with Novak Djokovic,” McEnroe said. “If he stays healthy over the next couple of years, you could see Novak winning a couple each year; he will be there, and then you have to wonder whether Roger could win another one and whether or not anyone will ever beat Rafa at the French.

You would think, after what we have been watching in the last couple of years, that Rafael Nadal is going to win another French Open crown, at least one, and pull off something else as well to move past Roger Federer, maybe already in 2020 if he stays healthy.”

Who do you think will end up with the most slams?

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