Drama over Sandgren trip to Australian Open

Tennys Sandgren is travelling to the Australian Open despite testing positive for Coronavirus

Tennys Sandgren was defaulted after just one game during his match on Tuesday

After much confusion, Tennys Sandgren is travelling to the Australian Open despite having tested positive for Coronavirus. The American was granted special permission to board the special flight from Los Angeles carrying players and officials to Melbourne.

On Wednesday, Sandgren had tested positive for the novel virus and said that he was expecting his flight to the Australian Open.

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It was the second time that the 29-year-old tested positive – the first being in November. But special provision was made for the two-time quarterfinalist as Victoria’s coronavirus taskforce confirmed that he had recovered from the previous infection and is shedding viral particles.

“Every person arriving from overseas to participate in the Australian Open is required to take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test 72 hours before departing,” a COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria spokesperson was quoted as saying by 7news.com.au.

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“For people who have previously tested positive and have since recovered, it is common to shed viral fragments for some time – which can trigger another positive result.

“Any person who returns a positive test result has their medical and case history reviewed by a team of public health experts. Only those who are determined to be recovered and no longer infectious will be allowed to travel to Australia.”

Sandgren was live tweeting as drama unfolded at the Los Angeles airport. The American player thought he would not be able to board the plane but later was allowed to do so.

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In another incident, that authorities said was completely unrelated to Sandgren, the flight carrying players and officials from Los Angeles to Melbourne was called back to its gate before take-off.

Tennis Australia had earlier said Sandgren’s case was assessed alongside detailed medical records “to ensure they are not infectious before checking in” for the flight.

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“Players and their teams are tested every day from their arrival in Australia, a much stricter process than for anyone else in hotel quarantine,” a TA spokesperson said.